Zona Protegida - Denominación Origen Sierra Cazorla

Our Designation of Origin

Designation of Origin is the name of a region, specific location or, in exceptional cases, a country, used to designate an agricultural or food product which has different characteristics, is widely well-known and available in the market, and has considerable prestige.

We emphasise:

  • It originates from that region, specific location or country and
  • Whose quality or characteristics are essentially attributable to the geographical environment and its inherently natural and human factors, and whose production, processing and preparation (including the packaging) takes place in a defined geographical area.

The average pressing over the last five seasons per kg of milled olives stands at 175,000,000 kg, of which 77% comes from cooperatives and the remainder from industry partners. Approximately 38,500,000 kg of oil is produced. 

The area of oil production that falls under the "Sierra de Cazorla" Designation of Origin includes the municipalities of Cazorla, Chilluévar, Hinojares, Huesa, La Iruela, Peal de Becerro, Pozo Alcón, Quesada and Santo Tomé with a total surface area of 37,500 hectares of olive groves. The production of the protected oils is from Picual or Royal olives, or a mixture of both.

What are its objectives?

Its main objectives are the protection of Extra Virgin Olive oils which have complied with all the standards defined in the Regulations, including production -collection- processing and packaging.

Where are we?



Carretera Peal de Becerro - Cazorla, km 10.5

P.O. Box: 51 Postal Code 23470. Cazorla (Jaén)

Ph: 953 722 121 

Fax: 953 722 113

E-mail: denominacion@dosierracazorla.es